Agrawal and Baby on SEBI Act

Agrawal & Baby on SEBI Act

In the history of capital markets in India, this book claims to be the first and only comprehensive legal commentary on each section of SEBI Act 1992 providing analysis, judicial decisions, committee reports, comparison of relevant domestic and international regulatory practices relevant in the scheme of the statute. The Book has been published by Taxmann Publications.

The jurisprudence and analysis in the book had highlighted limitations and anomalies in securities laws and had argued the case for amendments in securities laws – while doing that had also anticipated the sections that can be amended in future. Therefore, the book could be considered to provide background material and court cases for some of the subsequent amendments to SEBI Act including – Securities Laws (Amendment) Act, 2014 – which gave SEBI explicit power of disgorgement, attachment and recovery, power to seek telephone call data records and special courts for dealing with securities market offences.

This book has been received widely and well. Next Edition of this book is work-in-progress by the authors and is expected sometime in future.